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Posted August 11th, 2009 by

Woodinville Bootcamp – Getting Thin Was Never Easier

Going to a Woodinville boot camp to attain fitness can be a smart move these days. This is especially so for people living in Washington State, though residency isn’t a requirement to attend one. People today realize that their hectic lives may have caused them to get out of shape, and a Woodinville fitness bootcamp might just be the key to turning that condition around once and for all.

Boot camps such as are being discussed here are not the classic training courses that most people associate with the military. Just about everybody’s at least seen cinematic depictions of such training regimens, complete with a sadistic drill sergeant who threatens to make the young recruit exercise until he drops permanently from exhaustion and a surfeit of push-ups and sit-ups.

Fitness camps aren’t normally like that, though many of them – as in a Woodinville boot camp – might be run by men or women who have experience in the military as former drill instructors or physical fitness specialists. Rather, they tend to take the best of the military’s motivational and socialization techniques and combine them with a structured method for dropping weight, getting in shape and then maintaining that shape.

One item that people should know about when it comes to a boot camps is that there are going to be certain things to be done prior to beginning the actual camp. Also, keep in mind that even though these aren’t actually real boot camps — in the military sense — participants will be required to show up when they’re supposed to and also be ready to put out some effort.

Because of the above requirements, those registering for boot camp might be assessed even before starting the program. Normally, they’re asked to obtain a physical exam by a doctor in order to make sure no hidden medical conditions are present. After all, there’ll be no small amount of physical exercise required over the course of the fitness camp.

Also, expect to fill out a complete assessment questionnaire which will be used to come up with certain camp attendee profiles. These are needed so that the camp’s instructors can sort the participants into the proper training groups germane to their own personal fitness. Even though everybody will attend the camp as a group, instructors need to know who’s in what kind of shape before starting.

Like a military boot camp, which takes its recruits from an assumed zero-fitness level, something like a Woodinville boot camp will proceed slowly and gradually, but steadily, in planned exercise training phases. This is for a reason, as studies show that many people who set out on an exercise regimen either go too hard – and then quit after a short while – or not initially hard enough.

People who are contemplating attending a fitness camp need to realize that all instructors will have as their goal helping their charges to get in shape and stay in shape. This is not an overnight occurrence, but most people should rest assured that relatively large gains can be made by about two weeks from the start of exercise and fitness training.

Attaining fitness at a Woodinville weight loss bootcamp can be a very smart thing for a person to do. This is especially so when that person might not have the absolute self-discipline necessary to kick things off on his or her own. These camps can also go a long ways towards instilling fitness habits that tend to stick with a person for a long time, if not for their whole lives, which can’t be anything but a good thing.

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