FriendsPregnancyGrants For Physical FitnessA while ago

FriendsPregnancyGrants For Physical FitnessA while ago


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Grants For Physical Fitness

A while ago there was some talk on removing the grants for physical fitness from some of the upper-end colleges, on account of the notion that physical fitness is not as important as a good and finely tuned brain.

As I recall, these were never official talks and the rumors might just as easily been pure speculation because, to me, it seems far fetched to remove grants for physical fitness from the options available to current and future students.

Why does it seem far fetched? Well think about it. Whenever I speak or write about physical fitness and intelligence, I am always careful to make a connection between the mental and the physical, because without such a connection one of the two elements cannot achieve its full potential.


Whenever we see a boxing match, for example, the one called the “intelligent fighter” tends to win the match, because aside from physical strength, agility, good reflexes and whatever else these fighters all have, this “intelligent fighter” also uses the brain in the match, which offers an edge. A good mind cannot function well without a good body and a good body, needless to say, is useless without a good mind.

Another example would be smoking. It is said that smoking, which introduces all sorts of nasty toxins in the body, reduces the focus by some 20%, which means that smokers have a tougher time concentrating. Now imagine a chess player who smokes and imagine what they would play like 20 minutes into the match if there are none of his much needed cigarette breaks.

But getting back to the idea of grants for physical fitness, these, as I have explained briefly above, are very good, because they are accessible to people with good physical fitness and an inclination towards sports, allowing them access to some good education and enabling them to develop their intelligence to an equal or greater extent. These people, who might also be low on funds, would thus have the possibility to become very strong and they would go on to build a future for their communities and, why not, countries.

These people would be like the super men and women that comics describe in metaphors.

So, to conclude my little tirade, I believe that if there are, indeed, people who consider removing the grants for physical fitness and who truly and deeply believe this would be a good idea, then those same people should take a walk down the street and look at people around them.

Then, they should look at the modern day example of success story and see how the people at the center of those stories look and act. They will see that these people are a successful combination between athleticism and intelligence, not the Michael Moore type, with fat everywhere, a sharp mind but little to no mobility. Professor Xavier is not real.