Understanding Anhydrol Forte

Understanding Anhydrol Forte

Anhydrol Forte

Anhydrol forte contains aluminium chloride which stops you from sweating. After you have applied it to the skin it blocks the sweat glands. This in return causes a rise in the pressure of the fluid that is in the sweat glands until they stop the production of sweat on a temporarily basis.

It is usually applied before the user goes to bed as this helps to block the sweat glands when they are not active. It is recommended that it be washed off in the morning. This makes the sweat glands to stay blocked and therefore do not produce the sweat during the day. The sweat glands will only unblock after the cells of the body that are shed unblock from the skin surface. It is used to treat the excessive sweating of the armpits, feet and hands.

You should avoid shaking the bottle. It should be allowed to dry naturally at night after it has been applied. The user should avoid using any other antiperspirant but can continue using the normal deodorant if he so wishes. In the beginning you should apply the Anhydrol forte for a period of two nights and then avoid using it for the next two nights. You can make a decision to apply it more or less often. However it will usually cause an irritation of the skin if it is applied so often. You should also ensure that before applying the product, you have dried the skin completely. Also you should ensure that no area of the skin where you intend to apply the product is broken. Therefore you should avoid taking a shower before you can apply Anhydrol forte. You should also avoid applying too much as this is also likely to cause irritation to the skin.

The product is only for external use only. One should avoid bringing into the contact the product with the eyes or any other mucous membrane, for instance the mouth, genitals and the nasal passage. The product should also only be used on the hands, feet or the armpits. Other areas should be left out to enable the body to continue controlling the body temperature through sweating. You should also avoid shaving the area or using depilatories on it at least twelve hours before or even after applying the product. You should also avoid having Anhydrol forte coming into contact with surfaces that are polished, clothes or even jewelleries as it is likely to discolor them. The product contains alcohol and so it is flammable. It should therefore be stored at a temperature that is below 25 degrees and should be kept away from a flame that is naked.

Where you are allergic to any of its ingredients, you should avoid using it. It is important for you to inform your health care expert if you have had such kind of an allergy. Also if you use the medication and later experience an allergic reaction, you should stop using it immediately and speak to your health care provider.

There are certain medication that should not be used during pregnancies. However there are others that can still be used during pregnancies. It is therefore important for you to inform your doctor if you are pregnant or are intending to become pregnant before he can prescribe Anhydrol forte. However there is no harmful effect that is known when the antiperspirant is used in pregnancies. The drug may also have some side effects. These include redness or an irritation of the skin where it has been applied. When you experience this, it is important for you to apply the medication less often.

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